Hair loss is a common problem facing many people from all over the world. However, this problem has a solution that everyone should opt for. Hair transplant is a viable option that people can use to improve their facial appearance when having issues with hair loss.

In particular, women face hair loss problems especially in the forehead. Recession of hairline is one of the most disturbing problems that women face. It may be because of heredity or any other factor. The good thing is that there is a solution for this problem.

What is the solution to recession of hairline among women?

The best option that women have is to go through hairline lowering hair transplant. This surgical procedure helps women in lowering their hairline to the required levels for maximum facial aesthetics.
What you need to know about hairline lowering hair transplant among women

It is safe
One of the things that you need to know about this process is that it is a safe one. However, the safety of this surgical procedure relies on a woman picking on a credible surgeon to perform the procedure. Choosing a reliable surgeon will guarantee you the best.

Best for women over 18 years
Majority of surgeons prefer to perform this surgical procedure to women of the age of 18 and above. However, there are surgeons that perform this procedure to young women of about 16 years provided they are accompanied with their parents.

Appropriate scalp laxity is necessary
As part of the procedure, the surgeon lifts and pulls down your scalp to make it relax and sit low on your forehead. You may need a balloon expander to stretch your skin.

Mild sedative and local anesthesia is used
To keep you comfortable, the surgeon will use local anesthesia and a mild sedative. This is because the process of lowering hairline includes incisions made along your hairline.

Healing time
The incisions made are hidden by the hair and will not be visible. Within two days, a woman will feel presentable. However, it may take anywhere between three to six months for natural hair to start growing on the hairline. The results are permanent.