Cyprus: it’s not just a place, but a feeling.  

This beautiful little island tucked away in the Eastern Mediterranean is a paradise, waiting to be discovered. It is not surprising, then, that it’s also an ideal destination for our state-of-the-art, professional medical facility. If our clients are undergoing surgical procedures to help regain their confidence, and add greater value to their lives, why not experience breath-taking beauty and culture at the same time?

Hair transplant surgery is known to be an expensive undertaking. However, in Cyprus, our service is regarded globally for its affordability and excellent, professional care. Clients from the USA, Australia, Europe and many other regions of the world come to Hair Transplant Cyprus for hair transplant surgery, the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else.

Cyprus is a small, idyllic island in the Eastern Mediterranean, located south of Turkey and southeast of Greece. Hair Transplant Cyprus has been operating here for 17 years, making the most of the island’s undeniable qualities as an attractive destination and ideal location of recuperation for visitors and patients. Cyprus is a beautiful, historical island that offers peace, solitude and relaxation as well as vibrant, exciting activities- as such, it suits everybody! It’s the perfect place to combine your surgery and recovery with a well-rounded, unforgettable vacation.

With sub-tropical temperatures, extremely mild winters and glorious hot summers, you can choose your ideal time to visit Cyprus and you will not be disappointed by the weather! There are endless, sprawling, spotless beaches to unwind and relax upon; sparkling, turquoise waters to bathe in; and of course, sumptuous Mediterranean feasts to indulge in. Take a hike along some of the breath-taking mountain trails, or get lost in ancient monasteries, and stop for a glass of wine (or two!) at the glorious, rolling vineyards.

Visit some of the oldest water wells in the world, or wander through the archaeological remains of Neolithic villages. This island was of huge strategic importance during the empires of the Egyptians, Assyrians and Persians and there is evidence of this to be sought out and explored throughout the island.
Any and all of these exciting options, as well as many more that Cyprus has to offer, are all within reach and can be combined with your professional hair transplant procedure. As we pride ourselves on our efficiency and excellent service, you will be recovered and able to enjoy the delights of Cyprus before you know it!