When Does the Hair Grow After Hair Transplant

After hair transplantation, a very impatient waiting period begins. The person who has hair transplantation immediately wants to get the result of the process that he has suffered. However, after having hair transplantation surgery, the duration of getting new hair varies depending on the person, but it takes about 6 months. After this time, new hair starts to grow. After years of baldness, waiting for 6 months should not be too difficult to have healthy and never shedding hair again. The steps after hair transplantation such as hair transplant, elongation time vary according to the person.

What Happens After Hair Transplantation?

After hair transplant surgery, a small crust occurs on the scalp. This crusting is a fairly normal process. After the crust and shedding phase, the hair needs an adaptation process in a period of 2.5 months to hold on to the place. After this stage, hair follicles begin to grow in 6 months. All these processes are very comfortable and there is no pain or distress. The hair follicles, which have been transferred so that they will not fall out, begin to grow after 6 months. After that, your hair grows faster in the first 10 months. The hair grows in harmony with each other and finally gets the imagined appearance. The most important issue in hair transplantation is client’s patience. If you have the right information about all these processes, the time to wait does not create impatience.

In addition, the depth of the grooves opened for the placement of hair follicles should be to a certain extent and certainly should not exceed that size. The needles should not be bigger and larger than the thickness of the needles that doctor used to take blood from the vein. Doctors should be very sensitive about this and it will be very useful for you to make your next process easier. After the first six weeks, hair loss occurs because of the FUE technique, which is a completely normal situation. There is absolutely nothing to be scared of. These shedding strands grows again in 4 to 8 months and never sheds again.