Hair loss problem is one of the most disturbing problems to many people. It hinders many people from enjoying the benefits having good facial looks. However, people have various options when it comes to treating hair loss problems. One of the most advanced treatment options is the FUE hair transplant.

What is U-FUE Hair Transplant?

The U-FUE is one of the best methods of hair loss treatment. The U stands for unshaven or undetectable. Using this method, the traditional Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is used to give maximum number of hair grafts from the donor area.

The U-FUE Procedure

Just like the traditional FUE method, hair is extracted from the donor area. However, the U-FUE hair transplant is the next advancement to hair loss treatment and therefore requires a skilled professional to handle it. It is a delicate surgical procedure that only a highly-skilled surgeon can perform. The surgeon has to spot the healthiest hair from your donor area before extraction. The strands of the hair are then cut to remain with the grafts only that go ahead to be implanted.
The grafts are blended in the bald areas in skillful manner to make them blend well with the natural hair.
It is a minimal invasive procedure.

Why choose U-FUE

Majority of standard hair transplants require patients to shave hair. The thought of shaving hair does not go well with many people. It is for this reason that one can opt for U-FUE as a method of hair transplant since it keeps most of the patient’s hair intact.
Surgeons performing U-FUE are more experienced than those performing the traditional FUE hair transplant. This means that patients undergoing this procedure are guaranteed of high quality service.
However, it is important to choose an experienced surgeon for this method to get the best results out of U-FUE.
This technique can be a bit expensive but guarantees the best results and therefore offer great value for money.