Today, hair transplant is quite popular among men who yearn their hair and want to regain the way they look in the past. As the operation become more common, the prices get cheaper day by day. And moreover, this results in invent of easier and quicker medical treatment and operation methods, which ensure a painless hair transplant to the customers.

If you make a research about hair transplant, you probably watch a lot of videos of the operation and read articles about it. Even though the visual result is obvious, the feeling of the operation is not visible. Therefore, you may want your operation to be as pain free as possible. And nowadays, pain free hair transplant is quite accessible as the medical technology develops.

What is Painless Hair Transplant?

During the hair transplant, we mostly feel the pain of the prick of the needle. Besides that, we can consider the operation as painless. And basically, painless hair transplant is avoiding the feeling of the needle on our head.

Nowadays, clinics use anaesthesia in hair transplant in order to ensure it. By using local anesthesia, there will be no feeling during picking the hair roots and transplanting. Moreover, local anesthesia is not the only anaesthesia technique used in hair transplant. Other anesthesia types are general anesthesia, regional anesthesia, and sedation.

These days clinics almost never use general anesthesia due to its risks. Regional anesthesia is an implementation method to a specific place on your body. This method allows you to stay awake during the operation and do not feel any pain.

Another method used during hair transplant operations is the sedation technique. This technique is also known as the most comfortable hair transplant technique. Because, its implementation proportion depends on the patient himself.

Furthermore, these days most clinics prefer to do FUE method in order to have an easier, more efficient, and painless outcome. Also, FUE method includes several techniques, such as robotik FUE, Saphire FUE, Micro Motor FUE, U-Graft FUE. Despite the fact that each technique is based on FUE hair transplant, the method and price vary on the operation type.

Except for those methods, there are more factors that reduces the pain, which are

  • Using macro motor at low rpm for collecting the hair root
  • Having needles made of medical steel on macro motor, which are rich in chrome and nickel
  • Renewing the cylindrical needles used during the operation before they become blunt
  • Using sapphire needle tips instead of metal needle tips for canalising
  • Lastly but the most importantly, providing right conditions for after the operation and taking care of the surgical area properly reduce the pain radically.

If you want to have a painless hair transplant and learn more about it in person, you can get in contact with our clinic and obtain information regarding your questions.