The Hospital

Our hospital facility is a state-of-the-art, extremely well-equipped and professional establishment, where you will only receive the absolute best in medical care. Here we have over 25 experienced, specialist physicians on hand, and we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your procedure is quick, comfortable and 100% successful. Our nursing staff are always here to take excellent care of you both during and after your procedure, and to ensure that your recovery is quick and easy.


All of our patients receive the following as part of the overall package of care that we offer, from the beginning to the end of your stay with us:

  • All transfers between your arrival airport, your hotel and the hospital.
  • Two days’ accommodation at a five star hotel.
  • Full coverage of all hospital fees.
  • All tests included.
  • Any required medicines.
  • Instructions and after-care manual, for you to take with you when you leave.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on providing you with excellent, intensive care and support throughout your stay with us, and also following your surgery. We have a dedicated team who will follow your progress and improvement to ensure that you are taken care of once the procedure is complete.


The Hotel

While you are undergoing treatment in Cyprus, we will accommodate you at the luxurious Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel and Casino. Located in a prestigious street within an easy distance of Ercan airport in the North of Cyprus, as well as being nearby to the hospital, this hotel offers the perfect base for you to relax, unwind and recover during your procedure and afterwards. Whether you make use of their wonderful spa facilities, or indulge in a little action in the casino, or simply take a relaxing swim in the enormous hotel pool, you could not ask for a better or more peaceful environment in which to recover. You are also within easy distance of some of the wonderful attractions of this part of Cyprus, whether you are interested in learning more about the art and culture of this island, or simply want to explore some of its incredible restaurants and dazzling nightlife.

As the hotel is close to the hospital, this means that we can transfer you after your surgery and make sure that you are settled comfortably, without the potential need to stay longer than necessary in the hospital itself. The following day, after removing your bandages and providing you with all the necessary post-care instructions and treatment advice, you will be left in peace to relax. If you choose to extend your stay at this gorgeous hotel, and continue to enjoy exploring the island, we will offer you excellent rates through our company.