Raise Others’ Eyebrows with Intricate Brow Transplants

Your eyebrows are a major focal point on your face. Without them, you start to feel naked, like something is missing, which everyone is looking at. There are several reasons why your eyebrows might start to fall out; from genetics to overplucking, but the result is the same – a big knock to your confidence. Strategic makeup, or even tattooing, is certainly an option for restoring some of your former appearance, but in the long run, it simply won’t do. If you want to actually reverse your eyebrows to their natural look and feel, then there’s only one option – an FUE eyebrow transplant.

FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, is an extremely effective form of hair transplant. It works by taking existing hair follicles from elsewhere, often the back of the neck, where hair tends to be densest, and then implanting them into areas affected by hair loss. The hairs then begin to grow naturally again, filling out the bald patches and giving you back your natural appearance. FUE is a great option because it can be performed without the need for general anesthetic; you simply turn up to your appointment, and one of our highly-trained professionals will carefully select the best hairs to create a natural-looking eyebrow before transplanting them into place. There are no scars left after the procedure, and the recovery time is remarkably short. You’ll be provided with in-depth after-care instructions so that you know just what to do to ensure that your new eyebrows grow out successfully, and you start to look like yourself again.

As the premier hair loss clinic in Cyprus, we are here for you with any matter regarding hair loss or hair transplants, including eyebrow transplants. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the very best treatment that money can buy, and they all have the knowledge and experience required to do a proper job. They know how to select the healthiest hairs and place them so that they grow alongside your existing hair for a truly natural look. If you are interested in eyebrow transplant in Cyprus and are fed up of eyebrows that just don’t look the part, then come to us. We guarantee that you will be delighted with what we can provide!