Hairs from the head are the primary source for transplantation purposes. However, there are patients who do not have enough hair on the heads to help in transplantation. In such scenarios, the consultant makes the decision of transplanting body hairs to head hairs. Some of the parts of the body that hair can be transplanted from include chest, beard, arms, legs, and the armpits among other donor areas. Despite having several donor areas, majority of doctors prefer to use hair from the chest and beards.

One of the reasons why doctors opt for beards and chest hairs for transplantation is because of the fact that these donor areas can give patients thousands of grafts of high quality. This helps in increasing the overall hair density in a crown area, making the whole process of transplantation a successful one. With a limited scalp donor hair, this would not have been possible.

The technique used

The technique used is the popular FUE technique. This is one of the best techniques of body hair transplantation. With this technique, no linear scar is left after transplantation. Once the body hair are removed using this technique, they are again implanted in the similar manner as grafts of head hair.

Patients suitable for body hair transplantation

Patients with less hair on the head

Normally, hair is extracted from the back of the head to be transplanted on the bald area. However, there are patients with fewer grafts on this donor area. It is in such scenarios that a doctor will choose to use the body hair transplant to get enough hair to be implanted in the bald area.

Unsuitable donor hair

The donor hair has to be suitable for implant. Therefore, the doctor may recommend body hair transplantation in order to look for the fine hair grafts that are suitable for hair transplantation process.

Body hair transplantation is safe and there are no risks involved in this process. The results are quite amazing and patients should consider this method when recommended by a doctor.