Does Having a Haircut Help with Hair Loss

Does Having a Haircut Help with Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a common issue that many people experience. Although many think the opposite, women experience hair loss as well. A number of beliefs about how to prevent hair loss circulate around since many people experience this issue. One of these beliefs is that cutting your hair short...

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When Does the Hair Grow After Hair Transplant

When Does the Hair Grow After Hair Transplant?

After hair transplantation, a very impatient waiting period begins. The person who has hair transplantation immediately wants to get the result of the process that he has suffered. However, after having hair transplantation surgery, the duration of getting new hair varies depending on the person, but it takes about...

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Tips For Hair Care

Tips for Hair Care

Maintaining the health of your hair is very important. Most people think that you only have to do hair care after bleaching or dyeing your hair. But everybody should regularly do hair care. Because our hair is in contact with the sun, wind, dust, and chemicals throughout the day....

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Hair Transplantation Without Shaving

Some people don’t prefer to shave their hair. Even though the standard process is not a difficult process for the area where to be transplanted. Even some people renounce hair transplantation due to this reason. The main aim of unshaven hair transplantation is to have a more natural look,...

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Painless Hair Transplantation

Today, hair transplant is quite popular among men who yearn their hair and want to regain the way they look in the past. As the operation become more common, the prices get cheaper day by day. And moreover, this results in invent of easier and quicker medical treatment and...

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Eyebrow Transplant Prices

Eyebrows are the most important details of our face. Most of the time, we express our feelings by moving our eyebrows without even saying something. But sometimes our eyebrows may not be in a shape that we want them to be. They may be messy, too thick, too thin,...

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Body Hair Transplantation

Hairs from the head are the primary source for transplantation purposes. However, there are patients who do not have enough hair on the heads to help in transplantation. In such scenarios, the consultant makes the decision of transplanting body hairs to head hairs. Some of the parts of the...

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Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss problem is one of the most disturbing problems to many people. It hinders many people from enjoying the benefits having good facial looks. However, people have various options when it comes to treating hair loss problems. One of the most advanced treatment options is the FUE hair...

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