State of the Art Technology

We proudly utilise the FUE + Smart Slit method for our hair transplants, a process designed by experts and used uniquely in our centres. This method enables us to implant a high graft number, with a higher density implant and a faster recovery for our clients.


Our prices are not based on the graft number, which sets us apart from other hair transplant centres. We implant the maximum graft number according to our patients’ needs. Our focus is on consistent, efficient results rather than on a specific graft number, and our philosophy places the patient’s welfare first.

Complete post-op Support

We have dedicated staff and accommodation to support patients both before and after surgery. Not only do we provide care while the growing process is still in the process of completion, we also monitor all patients’ progress and improvement. We are here for every step of the journey, and our goal is to help our patients reach new levels of confidence and happiness.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Hair Transplant Permanent?
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Experienced Team

Our experts have been carrying out successful treatments for 17 years.

State of the Art Technology and Accommodation

All of our procedures take place in a top medical facility, where you are cared for by the best.

All-Inclusive Service

We take care of you from start to finish, even organising your transport to and from the facility.


Once we receive your image, one of our experts will be in touch with a full assessment.

Your Hair is Your Uniqueness

Hair Transplant Cyprus: Effective, All-Natural Hair Solutions for a Confident New You.

At Hair Transplant Cyprus, you can expect to be taken care of by a team of experienced, dedicated experts, who have performed thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries over the course of the last 17 years. We have also had a great deal of experience correcting hair transplant procedures from other, less reputable centres: we understand the need for sensitivity, compassion and empathy as you embark on this journey to regain the confidence that your unique hair can give you. Hair Transplant Cyprus offers innovative and unique methods for hair transplant that set us apart from our competitors and focus consistently on the patient experience. Our emphasis is on ensuring your well-being throughout the process. We provide customized hair transplant services, and we limit our daily quota of patients to guarantee personal attention and care for each client.

We promise you natural, successful results, and excellent pre- and post-op support. We look forward to helping you reach that goal of confidence: simply fill in the form for a free consultation with an expert.

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